Friends of the Levy Center

The Friends of the Levy board was formed with the intent to help the Joseph & Sarah Levy Senior Center’s continuous fundraising events, grants and miscellaneous funds. The Friends of the Levy consists of a board of directors who meet on a monthly basis:

    • Lynne Woodard, senior member, President
    • Esther Gliot, senior member, Vice President
    • Margaret “Peg” Miller, Secretary
    • Margaret Pelletier, Treasurer
    • Sandra Swinkunas, Board Member
    • Ginny Anderson, Board Member
    • Ron Homerding, Board Member

This board is a “holding” entity that provides the Levy Center, when necessary, the authority and distribution of funds where needed and disbursed after the approval/vote is passed by the board. The Joseph & Sarah Levy Center requires this type of entity due to their non-for-profit origin.

If you would like to learn more about contributions or fundraising, please contact:

Peg Miller, Senior Education Director
(630) 759-3411 X232