Transparency Center

DuPage Township is committed to providing open and honest government. In that effort, the Township has created the “Transparency Center”, to allow easy access to the most commonly requested documents. While the Freedom of Information Act extends beyond what is available online, the Township makes all public records available for inspection.

Please take the opportunity to explore this section of our website, and if you still cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our Freedom of Information Officers, who will assist you in locating the records that you need to access.


Freedom of Information Act – Requesting Public Records

All public records in DuPage Township are available to any person for inspection or copying, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. For information related to the public’s rights under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, please visit the Attorney General website.

To request public record from DuPage Township, please submit in writing, (either via email, fax, or mail), a letter detailing the documents you are requesting to have access. The letter should be sent to our Freedom of Information Officer.

FOIA Officers:

Barbara Parker, Clerk                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  241 Canterbury Lane
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Phone: 630-759-1317
Fax: 630-759-3412                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Jackie Traynere
Township Administrator
241 Canterbury Lane
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Phone: 630-759-1317
Fax: 630-759-3412

Click here for the FOIA Request Filing Document.



20-01 Corrective Transfer of 2018 Levy Distribution

20-06 Changes to Meetings During Covid 19

20-08 Agreement with CSC

20-14 Adoption of Flat Grant

20-15 Elected Official Compensation

20-16 Trojans

20-17 Hazel House

20-19 Hazel House Employment Readiness

20-20 Tax Objection Settlement

20-21 Operation Christmas

21-04 Provision of Services Between DuPage Township and The Heart Organization

21-05 Provision of Services Between DuPage Township and Hampton Park Social Athletic Club

21-06 Approving-an-Agreement-for-the-Provision-of-Services-Between-DuPage-Township-and-Heart-Haven-Outreah

21-07 United Way for Diaper Depot Amending and Correcting Resolution No. 20-18

21-08 Resolution on Resolutions and Ordinances

21-09 Resolution Board & Attorney’s 

21-10 Resolution on Surplus Property

21-11 Resolution at on Board Meeting Dates

21-12 Resolution on Yearly Audit

21-13 Resolution allowing Board to purchase, sell and lease property.

21-15 Resolution contracting with The Third Institute for youth services in the Township

21-16 Resolution Confirming Appointment of Township Attorney

21-17 Resolution for New Organizational Chart 

21-18 Resolution naming IMRF Authorized Agent

21-20 Resolution to Establish a Minimum Wage for Township Employees


22-03 Resolution on Resolution and Ordinances

22-04 Resolution on Boards and Attorney’s

22-05 Resolution on Surplus Property

22-06 Resolution on Board Meeting Dates

22-07 Resolution on Yearly Audit

22-08 Resolution on allowing the Board to purchase, sell and lease property.