Board & Committee Meetings

The Board of Trustees’ meetings convene at 7:00 PM at 241 Canterbury Lane, Bolingbrook, IL on the 2016 dates shown below. You may also find meeting information on the monthly calendar.



JANUARY 10th Regular JULY 11th Regular
24th Regular 25th Regular
 FEBRUARY 14th Regular AUGUST 8th Regular
28th Regular 22nd Regular
MARCH  14th Regular SEPTEMBER 12th Regular
 28nd Regular 26th Regular
APRIL  6th** Regular OCTOBER 10th Regular
 11th Annual 24th Regular
 25th Regular
 MAY 9th Regular NOVEMBER 21st Regular
23rd Regular
 JUNE 13th Regular  DECEMBER 12th Regular
27rd Regular …………..

**Note day change April 6, 2016 is a Thursday


JANUARY 12th Regular JULY 12th Regular
26th Regular 26th Regular
 FEBRUARY 9th Regular AUGUST 9th Regular
23th Regular 23rd Regular
 MARCH  8th Regular  SEPTEMBER 13th Regular
 22nd Regular 27th Regular
 APRIL  5th Regular OCTOBER 11th Regular
 12th Annual 25th Regular
 26th Regular
 MAY 10th Regular  NOVEMBER  15th Regular
24th Regular
 JUNE 14th Regular  DECEMBER  13th Regular
28th Regular …………..



JANUARY 13th Regular …………. JULY 14th Regular
27th Regular 28th Regular
FEBRUARY 10th Regular AUGUST 11th Regular
24th Regular 25th Regular
MARCH 10th Regular SEPTEMBER 8th Regular
24th Regular 22nd Regular
APRIL 7th Regular OCTOBER 13th Regular
14rd Annual 27th Regular
 21st Regular
MAY 12th Regular NOVEMBER 17th Regular
26th Regular
JUNE 9th Regular DECEMBER 15th Regular
23rd Regular




DuPage Township Committee on Seniors

The Committee on Seniors meets the second Wednesday of each month at 10:00 AM at the DuPage Township Senior Center located at 251 Canterbury Lane, Bolingbrook, IL.


DuPage Township Planning Commission

The DuPage Township Planning Commission meets only when business needs to be brought before them. These meetings will be posted as per the Open Meetings Act. Their meetings convene at 7:00 PM in the DuPage Township Boardroom located at 241 Canterbury Lane, Bolingbrook, IL.